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Joan weitzman

He is always there for me no matter what the issue or concern is. It has been almost twelve years since I purchased my coverage from Michael and he is so informative and upbeat when ever I need to reach out to him for advice.

Cynthia K

I contacted Michael Robinson about several changes to my UNUM long term care policy. He is neither my agent nor sold me my policy. However, I was astonished by the length of time and effort he took to answer my questions and explain all of my options in detail. His advice saved me several thousand dollars per year. Do you know of anyone who is willing to put forth this effort, when there is no monetary gain??

Tammi G.

Michael was so easy to work with. I was the one who was hard to contact as I was traveling a great deal, but he hung in there. He has given me "Peace of mind" for my future health concerns. I reccomend him highly to anyone who is intersted in Long-Term Care.

Barbara R.

Dear Michael, Your expertise has helped me select the right product designed to provide financial coverage for my future potential medical needs and to assure that I get the NYState tax credit for my long term care coverage costs.

Cynthia G

I was not a client of Michael's; however, it was the second time I called upon him for his expert advice re: my long term care policy. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and took the time to explain and answer all my questions in detail. His input was invaluable. You are a gentleman! Thank you.

Ruth and Jack

Although we bought our long term health care plans many years ago from someone else, Michael has always helped us with any questions we had by going over our policies. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and we would highly recommend him to all who are in need of his services.

Joan and Harold Cedarhurst, NY

To anyone who needs guidance and assistance in planning for their future needs with Long-Term Care; I cannot help but recommend Michael. He listened to what we thought we needed and made suggestions that made us realize that we were going to be overspending for a policy that someone else was trying to sell us. He said his mantra was "Don't overbuy for an event that may or may not happen" (I hope I got it right). We were going to buy a plan that had way more $$ per day then we needed and too many years. He also brought to our attention options that we were never told about before. He is a real pro and so easy to deal with. Thank you Michael!

phil & joan

Thanks to Michael we now have peace of mind over our long term care needs. His expertise helped select the right product designed to provide financial coverage for our future medical needs and to help protect our assets at the same time.

Peter Leehy

Dear Micheal, I can't tell you how appreciative we are for your help in finding a long-term health care plan customized to our particular situation. Your mastery of the available options allowed us to find a plan that is truly cost-effective while providing us with all of the security that we were looking for. I thought it would be such a hassle, and cost us undue amounts of money! But you made everything so easy, and made sure we only purchased the kind of coverage that we truly needed. I still can't believe that we have such a great plan for the money that we're spending! I especially want to thank you for your patience -- it was very kind of you to run through all of the options and explanations with my wife again after she missed the initial meeting where you explained everything to me. I really can't thank you enough. I will be so pleased to recommend you to anyone I meet who is looking for LTCHI. All the Best, Peter Leehy Astoria, NY

Sally K & Stan W

I am sorry it took so long to post my comments, but the summer got in the way. We applied and got our LTC policies in June. What a load off our minds. Mike was so helpful in helping us design a plan that was right for us. He LISTENED to what we had to say and gave us the guidenence we needed to have a plan that covered our goals and fit out budget. We have been recommending him to our friends, I think that speaks for itself.

Ron and Sue T. NY

So glad we did this. It has been on our minds for 3 years. Michael made us focus on the issue and provided a sensible way to deal with it. Thanks again for your help and suggestions.

Kevin C., NYC, August 12, 2013

Hello Michael, It was an informative and rewarding meeting with you today. Your honesty and integrity are a refreshing change from most encounters one might have in today's environment. Your friendly demeanor was an added plus. My wife and I are so lucky to have met you! All the best, Kevin

Sandy and Tom

Both my partner and I were interested in learning about Long Term Insurance, but we were worried that as a gay couple that we might not be eligible for coverage. We sent in a card which requested information on the above subject and that turned into our lucky day. Why you might ask; well we had the pleasure to meet with Michael. He explained all of our options and created a plan that was just right for us and our budget. We can not recommend him highly enough. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thank you Michael,

Barbara & Jay K..

Look no further. He is the best! We had 2 less than satisfactory experiences with other insurance salesmen. Lucky for us - we did not give up. We had filled out a card which Michael responded to. Now we have the "Peace of mind" of having Long-Term Care coverage with a great company and a great advisor

Carol W.

After being turned down by an insurance company 3 years ago I had about given up on obtaining Long Term Care insurance. One of my friends referred me to Michael and he found a company that would take me with the condition I've had since childhood. I never realized what a good friend I had. Now I would recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for Long Term Care coverage. HE IS THE BEST!!

John-Charles Toussaint NYC, NY

For the last 3 years, I have been looking for a reasonable Long Term Care Insurance that I could afford within my budget and be certain that should anything happened to me and need to use it, I would be covered without delays and red tape. I did not think it was possible until Michael showed up. Thank you Michael for listening, showing me the way to accomplish this, having the patience to explain all the details and alternatives, and following up on my many questions with visits and telephone calls. Now, I own a great Long Term Insurance coverage and very happy to know that I no longer have to worry about LTC.

Ted and Ronnie NY, NY

We were referred to Michael by one of our friends who is a client of his. All we can say is " We owe you bigtime". Having twice before, have other agents high pressure us with policies that were so expensive we were kind of down on the Long-Term Care industry. Then we met Michael, who designed a plan that fit our needs and our BUDGET! What can we say, but "thank you" for listening to us and our concerns.

Alex C. - September 25, 2012

Michael is a great listener, advisory and knowledgeable insurance care professional. My wife and I both purchased LTC from him. He made the process so easiily understandable which made us feel comforatble in our choices.

Don Carroll

What a pleasure Michael Robinson is! He made this process so easy. Michael walked us through the application and made it simple to understand exactly what we were getting and how much it would cost... Michael is patient and kind and returns every phone call quickly. Thanks Michael!

Alan Kaplan

What can I say other than "I am so glad I contacted Michael re: my Long-Term Care concerns" After 1 meeting I knew that I was in good hands and that my fear of "What If?" was solved. He was very professional and there was no high pressure selling involved. This was something I had considered for quite awhile and Michael finally helped me to put an end to my concern. THANK YOU


I had the pleasure of having Michael as my LTHC representative. Even after three years, Michael continues to be a source of information and comfort.

Nadine Hoffmann

Mchael is a GEM. After being turned down twice previously, he was able to get me a very favorable LTC policy. He never gave up! He was so happy when hearing that I was approved, he called me in Prague to let me know. Michael followed up on every inquiry and gave advice all along the way. He is a reputable man.

Dyan Grey

Great advise and personality. Very helpful.

D. Gieringer

I had many questions when I started to investigate long-term care insurance, and I've found Michael Robinson a pleasure to work with. His explanations are comprehensive—not only addressing the suitability of a particular plan for yourself, but also the recent history of long-term care insurers, the various legislative and regulatory impacts on them, and the tax incentives for consumers. He is a friendly and helpful resource for anyone considering a long-term care policy.

Susan Trinkofsky

All I can say about Michael Robinson is that he is TERRIFIC!!!!! He is the most "unsalesmanlike" salesman that I've ever met, meaning that he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, genuine, honest, and thorough. Michael is a man of his word and will always get back to you in a timely efficient manner to answer your questions, make recommendations and give you the best possible advice. I only wish that Michael was able to sell more just long term care insurance....I highly recommend him.

Shari NJ

Michael has been extremely helpful. Always friendly and easy to do business with. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing insurance.

rona sue cohen

Working with Michael was amazing. I was a NON Believer in Long Term Care until I watched him in action. My mom is 85 and her friend is 91. They both owned LTHC for many years! Micheal began just a friendly conversation with both of them about LTHC and from there he ended up saving them both thousands of dollars each. I just listened and realized that I am a healthy 58 year old... with 2 wonderful children. I needed to protect myself and them from a "what if"! I worked with Micheal to purchase my own LTHC insurance. Thanks Michael for opening my eyes to a very secure future for myself and my children!

Miriam Amato

What a lucky day it was when I was contacted by Michael re: Long-Term Care insurance. I found him to be a very knowledgable and caring person to work with. I am so pleased to have finally put this issue to bed. I know I did the right thing.
Dear Micheal, I can't tell you how appreciative we are for your help in finding a long-term health care plan customized to our particular situation. Your mastery of the available options allowed… Read More

Peter Leehy

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